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The national football league is  American football league consisting of 32 teams, divided equally between National football conference. it is one of the four major professional sports.  The NFL 17-week regular season runs from early September to late December with each team playing 16 games and having one by week. Conclusion of regular season six teams from each conference and four division winners and two wild card teams. It is played between NFC and AFC.

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What are total NFL football teams?

There are 32 NFL football teams , Description of these teams are following :

1 Arizon Cardinals :

Franchise began play in Chicago.In 1898 before moving to Louis in 1960, Team owner Chris purchased used and faded maroon jerseys from the University of Chicago. And dubbed color of his squad’s new outfit cardinal red.

2 Atlanta Falcons :

Shortly after insurance excecutive, Rankin smith brought professional football to Atlanta.A local radio station sponsored a content to name the team . Thirteen hundred people combined to suggest more than five hundred names. Finally selected name is Atlanta falcons.

3 Baltimore Ravens :

Ravens a reference to Edgar famous poet, beat Americans in a contest conducted by Baltimore sun. Poe died and is buried in Baltimore.

4 Buffalo Bills :

Bills nickname was suggested as part of a fan contest in 1947 to rename. Buffalo,s all America football conference team which was originally known as the Bisons. Bills nickname was selected over five hundred names.

5 Carolina Panthers :

Panthers is president of the team , Mark the son of team owner Jerry Richardson, chose the panthers nickname because it’s a name our family thought signifies what we thought a team should be powerful sleek and strong.

6 Chicago Bears :

Decatur in 1921 a charter member of American professional football association moved to Chicago and kept their nickname. A nod to the team’s sponsor. When star player George purchased the team, he decided to change the nickname.

7 Cincinnati Bengals :

General manager, team owner and head coach nicknamed Cincinnati’s expansion franchise in 1968. According to brown, the nickname would provide a link with past professional footballing Cincinnati.

8 Cleveland Browns :

There’s some debate about whether Cleveland’s professional name after its manager and first coach. Louis joe, who was nicknamed brown bomber. The most popular submission was brown.

9 Dallas Cowboys :

Cowboys who began play in the national football league in 1960 was originally going to be nicknamed the steers. Team’s coach decided to go with rangers but fearing that people would confuse the football team.

10 Denver Broncos :

Denver was a charter member of NFL in 1960, which was submitted along with a 25-word essay by ward, was the winning entry among 162 fans. Denver team by the same player in  Midwest.

11 Detroit Lions :

Richards renamed the team the Lions. the nickname was likely derived from baseball team the tigers who won 101 games . and AL  pennant that year.

12 Green Bay Packers :

Curly Lambeau’s employer-sponsored green bay’s football team and provided equipment and access to the field.

13 Houston Texans :

It is 6th professional football team nicknamed the Texans. The Dallas was an arena football league team from 1990 to 1993.

14 Indianapolis Colts :

A member of all America football conference from 1947 to 1950 was named in honor of region’s history of horse breeding.

15 Jacksonville Jaguars :

Its nickname was selected through a fan contest in 1991, 2 years before the city was officially awarded and 4 years before the team would begin to play .

16 Kanas City Chiefs :

Chiefs began to play in AFL  in 1960. when the team moved to kanas city in 1963, it was given nicknamed kanas city chiefs be team’s coach.

17 Los Angeles Chargers :

Team owner sponsored a name the team contest and promised a trip to Mexico City. After a few years, it was nicknamed Los Angeles chargers.

18 Los Angeles Rams :

The rams who originated in Cleveland in 1963. The team traces their nickname to college ranks.

19 Miami Dolphins :

A team contest drew nearly 20000 entries and resulted in the nickname “ Miami dolphins”.

20 Minnesota Vikings :

According to Vikings, Bert rose recommended the nickname to team’s board of directors and nicknamed “ Minnesota Vikings “.

21 New England Patriots :

Seventy-four fans suggested patriots in the team contest that was conducted by the management group.Boston chose new England patriots as the team’s logo.

22 New Orleans Saints :

New Orleans was awarded an NFL franchise. it was awarded on all saints day. The nickname was a popular choice as new Orleans saints.

23 New york giants :

New York owner Tim mara nickname from john’s national baseball league .new york giants were nicknames by the owner of the team .

24 New York Jets :

Originally nicknamed titans, the team was renamed the Jets in 1963.

25 Oakland Raiders :

Helen Davis an Oakland policewoman submitted the winning entry and was rewarded with a trip . Nicknamed was given on the name of that woman.

26 Philadelphia Eagles :

Ber bell and loud Wray purchased the bankrupt. New owners renamed the team the Eagles in honor of the symbol of national recovery.

27 Pittsburgh Steelers :

Pittsburgh football team shared the same nickname as the city’s baseball team in olden times.

28 San Francisco 49ers :

Who began play in the all America football conference in 1946 were named after steelers who ventured to the San Francisco area.

29-Seattle Seahawks :

There were 1700 unique names including skippers, pioneers, and seagulls. about 150 people suggested seahawks.

30 Tampa Bay Buccaneers :

Local sportswriters and representatives from the NFL expansion team. An original list of more than 400 names, tampa bay buccaneers was a popular choice among fans.

31 Tennessee Titans :

Adams held a statewide contest. Titans was chosen over nicknames such as tornadoes, south stars, and copperheads.

32 Washington Redskins :

After he acquired an NFL  franchise in Boston, Marshall changed the team’s nickname from braves to redskins, According to most accounts, the nickname was meant to honor head coach and native.

Facts for NFL season 2019?

2019 NFL  season will be 100th season of NFL. the season will begin on 5 September 2019 with the Chicago bears hosting the green bay packers. The season will conclude with super bowl live, scheduled for 2 February at hard rock stadium.

NFL’S Centennial emblem which will be used throughout 2019 :


              START DATE 5 September 2019
             END DATE 29 December 2019

Super bowl live Live Stream

             Date 2 February 2020
             Location Hard rock stadium

Pro bowl live stream

             Date 26 January 2020
             Site TBD

What is NFL preseason schedule?

NFL  on Tuesday announced 2019 preseason schedule which features 8 matches.

Preseason action kicks off with nationally televised hall of fame. other prime time preseason game of note have the new Orleans saints making a third consecutive trip.

NFL  Network will show all preseason games. Specific date and time for the remaining preseason games are released.

Denver Broncos vs Atlanta falcon Thursday, 1 august NBC 8 PM
Oakland Raiders Thursday, 15 august ESPN 8 PM
New Orleans saints Sunday, 18 august CBS 4 PM
Seattle Seahawks Sunday, 18 august FOX 8 PM
San Francisco 49ers Monday, 19 august ESPN 8 PM
Jacksonville Thursday, 22 august FOX8PM
Buffalo bills Friday, 23 august FOX8PM
Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday, 25 august

Can you watch Nfl Live Stream Online all games on SKYSTREAMHUB?

Yes, SkyStreamHub is live streaming 11 Thursday night games this season. the games are available to subscribers who purchased the season pass, as well as for free on as well.

How much does NFL Game Pass Cost?

NFL game pass costs 60 dollars for the full season 2019. This provides all games of 2019 Season but if you don’t want to buy Season pass, you can still Buy 1 week Pass for 7$ and watch the whole weekend from SKYSTREAMHUB.COM


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